Dermal Peels with O Cosmedics

You O it to your skin


Customised treatment to suit your skin care needs for all types of skin problems such as acne, uneven skin tone, pigmentation, sun-damage & ageing/photo-ageing.

Purifying/Acne Treatment(45 mins):

Algalithe/Clay infused – for acne, troubled, problematic skins, needing rebalancing.

Anti-Ageing Treatment(45 mins):

Argirline infused – for skins concerned with ageing, lines, wrinkles, loss of elasticity.

Brightening Treatment(45 mins):

Bio-White infused – for skins looking for radiance, even tone, concerned with sun damage, pigmentation.

Super-Hydrating Treatment(45 mins):

Aloe Vera infused – for skins lacking in moisture, that require pluming and hydration.

Course of 6 treatments recommended for optimum results.

O Corrective Spa Treatment Facial(60 mins)

This ultimate Spa treatment facial is the perfect balance of a professional spa facial, delivering the results you need whilst indulging in a true facial pampering. Suitable for all skins, this treatment includes triple exfoliation to renew, replenish, & nourish the skin. It includes a facial massage using youth activating balm, to make sure you truly relax whilst scalp and arm massage provides relief for tired, sore, over-worked muscles in the head and arms.